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green paving

It isn’t easy finding a balance between nature, and design. This is particularly true if you’re trying to landscape an existing park, or community center, in order to make it more attractive, and more durable. However, Stone Set has a green, ecologically friendly solution that will help you achieve that perfect balance of aesthetics, endurance, and environmental ease.


A Porous Green Paving Solution

Typically when you put down roads or walkways with stone pavers or concrete, you’re going to find that there’s very little water penetration when it rains. That means you’re likely to see more runoff, which can result in everything from flooding, to erosion, and then some. This can both ruin the aesthetic of a place that’s supposed to feel natural, and do serious damage to the greenery around the paving.

StoneSet Porous Paving Water running through


However, Stone Set has a unique, porous solution for your paving needs. This material allows water to seep down through it, reaching the root systems and earth below the paving instead of running off to the sides. This leads to fewer drainage issues, but more importantly it means that the trees, bushes, and other plants are getting the water they need, and the paved paths are making a minimal impact on the ecosystem as it stands.

If you’ve been looking for a paving tool that will let you create beautiful walkways without making a huge impact on the environment, all you need to do is contact us today.

We’ll happily answer any and all questions you have, and explain how you can get started.

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