Green Paving Methods Save Money and Protect Your Property

StoneSet provides property owners with safe, reliable green paving method that protects their environment without a lot of high maintenance in the future. We use locally sourced materials that are porous and durable. Our resin application is easy to clean and, allows water to permeate your trees, shrubs, and bushes. This reduces the hassle of clearing out loose stones and materials in your yard or driveways.

Protecting your trees and grass will help you maintain the beauty of your property. Consistent, reliable water access with a good nutrient source allows your foliage to grow strong and healthy. Over the years, this will increase the value of your property while keeping it strong and healthy.

Concrete and pavers can affect the quality and amount of resources that reach the roots of your grasses and foliage. Porous materials such as recycled asphalt, stone, and local aggregate mixtures provide this necessary access and reduce standing waters, puddles, and minor flooding issues.

It is necessary for trees to have regular access to clean resources in order to have reliable oxygen exchange and receive the water they need to stay healthy. StoneSet uses a four-layer method with the top layer consisting of loose stone that is backfilled about 300 mm for new trees to maximize their potential. The lower layers consist of a compacted porous road base for stability.

A geotextile layer is placed below that to reduce upheaval from the expanding and contracting that takes place within the ground throughout the seasons. The final layer of compacted structural soil that meets arborists’ recommendations for healthy growth and maintenance in the future.

Contact StoneSet to protect the future of your property and your environment with reliable green solutions for your lawn and gardens.

Whether it’s the trees along your walkway or the bushes by your driveway, we’ll discuss your plans in detail to meet your situation.

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