From Unlivable Overgrowth to Hardscaping: the new trend for your house

Hardscaping is gaining more and more ground against traditional focused landscaping in outdoor design.

The whys of it are not difficult to see: increased usability of outdoor spaces and cutting the costs of never-ending upkeep of lawns and gardens. Even home-owners seeking majority green on their property are placing garden paths, secluded fire pits, and detached patios to compliment the spaces.

The new values of exterior design are clear: the yard is not a well-manicured wilderness but a continuous expression of the living space. While the palette of that living space is largely natural: critical to defining, accenting, and dividing the outdoor living space are the hardscaped surfaces.



StoneSet porous paving has emerged as a superior choice among hardscaping surfaces. Spread over a prepared area, much like concrete, StoneSet paving can cover a variety of surfaces, slopes, and create nearly any shape. Unlike concrete StoneSet is porous, allowing water to pass through the surface and drain naturally into the underlying soil-bed. Also, StoneSet pavings are available in a wide array of colours: a far cry from grey slabs.

Porous paving is the green, ecologically friendly, solution to hardscaping. Porosity allows stormwater to infiltrate the paving surface and reach the soil-bed.

Then, water can migrate and filter naturally down to the water table. Water that collects as runoff in settled areas, by contrast, collects man-made pollutants that harm natural watersheds. Furthermore, StoneSet has products created from recycled materials and, overall, they represent a lowered C02 footprint than caused by concrete manufacture.

Even overlooking the environmental benefits of StoneSet pavings, the choice of porous hardscaping surfaces can drastically reduce the cost requirement of drainage systems required by impervious surfaces.


StoneSet is the porous paving that can meet all hardscaping design challenges. It can coexist, side-by-side, with traditional masonry such as it is here patterned forming tree surrounds (the ground around those trees will never need weed pulling).

StoneSet can form garden pathsmodern courtyardsstylised patios, and sleek driveways.

As the environmentally conscious and limitlessly mouldable hard surface, StoneSet pavings are an exceptional choice for your hardscaping needs.


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