Four Reasons to Use a Pre-existing Base for Your New Paving Project

Overlay paving by StoneSet can help you provide a beautiful finish to a project and keep you within budget while reducing your workload. It allows water to permeate the area which decreases maintenance and reduces damages to soil and landscaping. It works great on existing pavement and uses locally sourced materials.

Many contractors have discovered that StoneSet provides a quality finish to courtyards, schools, balconies and pathways. Their clients enjoy the added value and it enhances their community. Here are four of the most popular reasons to use StoneSet with your existing base materials.

1. StoneSet is a cost-effective solution that allows contractors to complete their landscaping and area renovations using fewer resources to get the look they want.

2. Decreased waste means fewer materials go to the landfill. By using the current base, the project is easier to clean up and there is less debris to dispose of.

3. StoneSet is a recognized green solution for better environmental management because it reduces erosion and runoff that carries ground pollutants into rivers, streams, and other water sources.

4. Concrete, existing paving and even metal bases make a solid lower layer for renovated pathways. This helps keep projects on time and makes it easier to transform the property to meet the client’s requirements.


Contact StoneSet to find out just how rugged and versatile StoneSet overlays are. They come in a variety of tints, shades, and glosses for a nice finish and it adds value to residential landscaping, walking trails, and commercial campuses.