Flood Alleviation for Retrofit Scheme at ‘Lost’ London River Can Work For You

London is currently undertaking the task of flood control along an old creek bed called Counters Creek. Initially, the streambed became part of the Joseph Bazalgette’s sewer network in the 19th Century. Population growth led to more construction right over the top of this old creek bed and current sewer system. Over the years, this creek was lost in the annals of history but is once again making a name for itself.

Thames Water and London officials are looking for ways to solve this issue. The impermeable roadways, pavers, asphalt paths, and concrete walkways make it increasingly difficult to control water runoff. This promotes flooding and sewage backup. Excessive water drainage makes it difficult to regulate the absorption rates in certain areas.

To solve this problem, London and other communities around the world are looking for solutions that allow for better control of their water systems. With water drainage becoming such an issue in highly populated areas, it is important to understand the solutions available to property owners as well as the global community.

Companies like StoneSet have developed a wide variety of products, methods, and techniques in order to direct water runoff and control the rate of seepage into water tables. Controlled permeation allows the water to seep into the ground safely. This helps to reduce surface saturation that can damage foundations or cause puddles in streets and yards.

Different products provide various grades of permeability depending on the area. Trees and shrubs need room to stretch and grow. StoneSet has a four-layer solution for this that allows them to flourish while still allowing businesses and homeowners to have a safe, solid path to the garage, yard, or pool.

As we walk our way into the future, protecting our water is going to become more and more important. By using a variety of “green” solutions and techniques, we can reduce the damages caused by ground saturation, flooded sewage lines and rising water tables.

These methods will allow you to enjoy a wider range of foliage, increase usable outdoor space, and protect your environment by using locally viable materials. This protects your buildings and property while letting nature follow its natural course.

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