Exciting StoneSet Applications Around The House

StoneSet has made headlines worldwide as an innovative new product that helps resolve issues of impermeable surfaces. StoneSet’s material is referred to as a “green paving” because of its ecological benefits.

As discussed here, this product is permeable unlike concrete, which contributes to heat islands, CO2 emissions, and impeded water drainage. First, a heat island is when a pocket of warm gasses become trapped in the area between skyscrapers or other buildings within an urban setting.


The primary reason the temperature is warmer is because the sun heats impermeable surfaces like pavement, sidewalks, and standard office buildings. The other two impacts of concrete – CO2 emissions and impeded water drainage – manifest themselves in disastrous effects to the locale ecology.

While this sounds like an issue that would concern corporation owners or urban planners, StoneSet’s attractive properties lend to its use in landscaping.


At StoneSet, we offer “the properties of a soft landscaped lawn or loose gravel therefore meeting council requirements and having a positive effect on the environment.” This means that our resin-based product is a desirable, soft-looking, and customised surface. Homeowners can use it for a variety of purposes. Have a hideous, worn driveway? With our overlay paving, you can cover up scarred, cracked asphalt.

StoneSet recovers pavement, walkways, cement, and other non-porous materials by covering them with a fresh layer. We sculpt this layer so as to direct the water back to its natural pathway. StoneSet is tough enough – with its polyurethane resin – to conceal existing cracks without creating any new ones. Our polyurethane resin is strong enough to withstand heavy automobiles and their use. Not only that, but StoneSet has a 10 year guarantee, and depending on maintenance can last up to 25 years or more.


When it comes to porous surfaces, you are limited only by your imagination. You can put it around a pool and create the natural look and texture of a natural spring. The chemicals in a pool do not damage the StoneSet. StoneSet complements patios and play areas near gardens for children. Our product is really a sculpting tool to zone yards into different sectors for usage, or to design ecofriendly walkways. We wish to help with you homeowner’s project soon!


Contact us here for more information. You can also download our very successful Inspiration Book below, which will give you an idea of how our product looks like around the house: