Everything a Builder needs to know about StoneSet

permeable paving sydney driveway

A cost-effective and low maintenance paving solution, StoneSet offers long-lasting products green builders can truly feel good about. Specifically designed to combat the CO2 emissions problem caused by concrete manufacturing, our locally sourced and renewable aggregates provide for an environmentally conscious substitute.


  • Porous Paving – Porous surfaces are becoming increasingly essential due to surface run off and pollution. All our products are permeable, allowing water to penetrate the surface and find its way into the ground below. Additionally, our high-grade resin creates a strong bond resulting in particles that hold firmly together, while still allowing for water seepage.


overlay paving


  • Overlay Paving – A cracked, worn and unsightly area of existing paving is easily covered using our Overlay product as a cosmetic surface dressing. With the existing subsurface in place, the amount of raw material used is drastically reduced in addition to the debris that would normally be dumped in the landfill.

With dozens of colors to choose from both in our natural stone and recycled glass product lines, your clients are certain to find something that will achieve the aesthetic beauty they crave in their finished project.


Pricing varies between Overlay and Porous products.

  • Overlay – $100/m² as installed on existing concrete surface
  • Porous –  $150/m² as installed on a prepped road base
  • Pour On – $35/m² our DIY product (resin only)





In addition to its cost efficiency, StoneSet has many other benefits such as reducing surface runoff, increasing your soft to hard landscaping ratio and improving tree health. Our products are suitable for numerous applications including:

  • Driveways
  • Courtyards
  • Tree Surrounds
  • Playgrounds
  • Pool Surrounds
  • Art and Design Features

We pride ourselves in the problem solving capability of our products. Using recycled, reclaimed and waste products, minimizing waste to the landfill and saving builders time and money are just a few of our many passions.


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