Not sure how many kits you need?

*or tiles, asphalt, pavers, brick paving.
**or crusher dust, deco granite, lilydale toppings.

Our Environment

We are passionate about the environment, the environment encompasses everything around us so we take a sustainable approach to all we do, every day.

We seek to prevent pollution, minimise wastage and operate to the best environmental standards while complying with legislation.

How can StoneSet DIY help improve our environment?

Reduce Waste

You only mix what you need, minimal product wastage normally associated with cutting pavers.

Long lasting, no need to top up as you would with a loose gravel or deco granite finish

Improve the health of surrounding trees

By using StoneSet you are creating a hard surface but one that maintains permeability - the rain water still runs through it! This keeps trees happy and healthy and also reduces surface run off.....awesome!


StoneSet DIY kits can overlay existing surfaces, including concrete asphalt and deco granite. Reducing excavation and landfill waste.

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