Detroit Zoo’s New Eco-Friendly Parking Lot Is The Largest of Its Kind Countrywide

In 2016 the Detroit Zoo completed installation of a permeable paving parking lot. The largest of its kind in the United States, this 215-space lot was installed as part of the zoo’s continuing efforts to lead the way on green construction initiatives.However, what the Daily Tribune failed to mention in its coverage is that porous pavement is far from a new invention. In fact, it’s been around since the last century, and it was commonly used all over Europe in buildings as a way to save on costs.

It’s only recently that the environmental benefits of porous paving have allowed the material to make a comeback.


While the Detroit Zoo’s porous parking lot is far from the only example of porous paving use in the United States, much less in the rest of the world, it is the largest. For now, at least.

It might not seem overly impressive, but it’s important to remember that even proven technologies have to run the gauntlet all over again in today’s world to prove that they’re both greener, and more effective, than existing solutions. And the more examples we have of porous paving preventing storm runoff, and simultaneously cutting down on pollution and costs, the more popular it will become as a paving solution.

In a way, it’s a lot like solar power. We knew it worked, but it wasn’t considered feasible until people showed, unequivocally, that it would scale to our needs. Porous paving is currently doing the same thing, and showing the world why it deserves to be installed.

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