Commercial Use of StoneSet

Are you a school, hospital, commercial centre with a car park or paved area which is in need of an update? In that case you might want to install pavement that uses locally sourced recycled or reclaimed materials, and that is handicap accessible.

StoneSet could be just what you are looking for. Our variety of porous paving applications are quite popular for commercial projects. Porous paving allows for water to absorb into the ground causing a large decrease in flooding, water runoff, and excessive waste products.



  • Porous paving does not allow water to puddle, it swiftly drains water away to ensure there is no flooding. So, instead of spending a bundle installing an elaborate drainage system and a traditional pavement, install porous paving, and kill two birds with one stone.
  • In parks and playgrounds, porous paving actually helps to water plants and keep grass green.

  • Porous paving helps reduce some of the heat associated with concrete jungles. When the pavement absorbs water, it subsequently vaporizes back into the air, cooling it on its way. This is called the wicking effect. This is perfect for playgrounds and car parks that can become sweltering in the summer heat.


  • Porous pavement provides easy and adequate access for all people.  StoneSet is proud to provide a smooth, slip-resistant finish, making any area safe for wheelchairs and people with physical impairments. You also will avoid holes created from water runoff, decreasing the chance of critters moving into your park, and eliminating the chance of someone tripping into a hole.

  • Although StoneSet has many practical aspects, we also have a huge variety of colours and sizes that will make your public space more aesthetically pleasing. Check out our Kelvin Grove school project to see how they personalised their playground.


  • Last but not least, when you decide to install StoneSet porous pavement, you are lending a helping hand to Earth’s water cycle. It is incredibly important for water to soak back into the Earth and recharge our water sources. This also boosts the natural filtration method that provides cleaner waterways. In areas such as school playgrounds and community parks, installing signage that details Earth’s water cycle and how porous pavement helps the cycle could add a great educational element to the space.

At StoneSet, we enjoy working on projects of all sizes. Whether you are a small city park or a large hospital car park, contact us today to discuss your porous paving project!

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