Commercial Hardscaping: Trendy Green Solution

Hardscaping with StoneSet’s porous paving provides a sustainable green solution to the toughest problems concerning your commercial property and corporate business.

Update your commercial property’s car parks, sidewalks, and main entrances with cost-effective and environmentally friendly overlay or porous paving. Made of natural stone and available in 24 natural plus the recycled glass options – StoneSet is perfect for signage, and corporate logos to give your business a fresh look for the future.


Concrete or asphalt car parks are hot and unpleasant places for cars and human beings, furthermore for commercial properties, they present the first and last impression of your corporation’s property.

Improving aesthetics for your hardscaped areas is easy and artistic with StoneSet’s amazing products. Replace or overlay the existing unappealing concrete or asphalt with porous natural stone.

Riverstone Family Medical Practice Car Park


Inlay parking guidance lines and signage. These types of signs say what your business cares about, what your business does, and can influence how clients interact with the property.


Concrete or asphalt sidewalks present a dangerous liability for clients and employees entering your facilities. Cracked, crumbled, warped, uneven, and slippery surfaces cause lawsuits and complaints that your corporation would rather avoid. Replace or overlay existing sidewalks with StoneSet’s porous paving.

The porous quality allows rainwater to penetrate the surface to the soil to keep living landscaping watered and fresh while conserving water and saving money. Sidewalks stay puddle-free to keep professionals clean and dry so they can make the best impression on clients. Sand applied in StoneSet’s drying process creates a slip-resistant surface to keep employees and clients safe. Signage inlaid in sidewalks and smaller pathways direct folks to buildings on a large corporate campus.



Update your company’s main entrance with an overlay that includes your corporate logo, motto, values, mission, or some bright eye-catching artwork inlaid into the design.

Colourful entrances delight the senses and uplift the spirits of those entering into a corporate environment and improve the environment around the facilities. Impressive and cost-effective, StoneSet’s paving solves many problems concerning your top corporate executives and gives them what they want to see.


If your corporate headquarters or other commercial properties need a hardscaping renovation, contact us to plan, design, and install trendy green solutions that will impress your clients and your competition.

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