Commercial Clients Love StoneSet

permeable paving sydney driveway

Commercial clients love StoneSet for landscaping around schools, hospitals, and major city infrastructure. StoneSet’s unique polyurethane resin binds natural stone, available in 24 natural colors, and recycled glass, available in 6 bright colors, into hardened surfaces that allow water to permeate to prevent erosion and to conserve water to nourish lawns and gardens, and it is the preferred alternative to concrete

Many cities work to eliminate or to reduce concrete usage around commercial buildings to stop the “concrete jungle” effect, and so StoneSet’s porous paving products impress a city’s planners and contractors, as well as its residents and visitors.

Schools and hospitals, especially, love the StoneSet designer color palette to create aesthetically pleasing natural landscaping designs. Schools and hospitals both, like to incorporate logos and special signage into their parking lot or main entrance area paving designs. Bright colors of recycled glass add fun elements to playgrounds and garden areas. Cities like to incorporate the city logo or directional signage into pathways and parking lots. Lighter colors of natural stone keep surfaces cooler, while darker colors make beautiful accents, patterns, and borders. Contact us for exciting commercial design ideas.

StoneSet parking lots, driveways, entrance ways, sidewalks, and pathways meet accessibility requirements and ensure slip resistance. StoneSet’s special sandy top finish applied while drying prevents slips and falls by providing pedestrians with a good grip for safety.

Porous paving allows rain and irrigation water to penetrate the surface, instead of running off like it would from concrete, to conserve water for lawns and gardens. Commercial settings save money with reduced landscaping maintenance and lower irrigation bills. StoneSet’s porous and flexible surfaces guaranteed for ten years, designed to last for 25 years, require little maintenance, and they won’t crack and crumble like concrete.

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