Colourful Porous Paving Applications

With 24 different natural colours of stone and 6 vibrant colours of recycled glass, StoneSet offers the freedom of creativity and a cool porous paving product for all your landscaping needs.

StoneSet has numerous applications, and is perfect for properties that slope and where water does not drain properly.



  • Driveways
  • Extended driveways or carports
  • Pathways
  • Courtyards
  • Playgrounds
  • Pool Surrounds
  • Patios
  • Parking Lots
  • Disability/ Wheelchair Access Ramps
  • Tree and Garden Surrounds

Water is a rare commodity these days. Conserve water by installing porous paving on your property. Rain will drain through the solid and strong, but porous paving material into the dirt below and nourish the environment. Lawn sprinkler irrigation is expensive, and rain is infrequent, so why not keep the water on your property rather than letting it wash away?



  • Driveways compliment the house colour and stay puddle free. Customise lines for driveway basketball games and keep your feet cooler by choosing light colours.
  • Extended driveways and carports, or other added storage spots that are normally eyesores, match the original driveway and compliment the house colour.
  • Pathways see less puddling and are thus more slip resistant.
  • Courtyards, or wide open entertaining places, keep cooler with lighter colours of stone, and the surface is free of puddles for entertaining after a rainstorm.
  • Playgrounds keep cooler with light stone colors and become playful places with whimsical colour accents in bright shades of recycled glass that shine.

  • Pool surrounds with light surfaces stay cooler, and colour accents creatively make pool time more fun. The slip-resistant sand finish keeps everyone safe, too.
  • Patios, large and small, are perfect for porous paving, and it is nice to have so many colour options to choose from to match the house or compliment the pool surround or the garden pathway system.
  • Parking lots for cars see less puddles (if any) with porous paving. Customise and make permanent white lines and handicapped spots or employee of the month spots with white stone and recycled coloured glass. A company logo StoneSet into a parking lot makes quite the impression for your church, school, business, or organization.
  • Disability and wheelchair access ramps match the parking lot or the front entry way’s natural stone colour. With vibrantly coloured recycled glass, add welcoming accents. The sand coated StoneSet ramp will remain slip-resistant and require far less maintenance than a concrete ramp.
  • Tree and garden surrounds made of porous paving provide puddle-free cool surfaces and shady areas outside around a building and improve the environment around it. Porous paving prevent erosion and the colour options makes and garden landscape stand out as special.

Contact us to learn more about creative and colourful porous paving solutions. StoneSet has solutions that make sense for sloped properties and properties that need environmentally sound and sustainable revitalization. StoneSet also does messy property make-overs. Explore our colour palette of StoneSet products to make your property the coolest place around.


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