Choose StoneSet For Your Next Overlay Paving Project

permeable paving sydney driveway resurfacing

When it’s time to update your pavement, you’re going to want a solution that is durable, affordable, and versatile.

That’s where StoneSet comes in! StoneSet was first created with overlay paving in mind, and its many qualities makes it great for almost any paving project you might have.

StoneSet is built to last. Not only do we use a high quality aggregate chosen from some of the best stone sources in Australia, but the aggregate is mixed with a unique, flexible resin. The resin is UV stable, which means our strong resin doesn’t get soft when the weather gets warm, or crack when the weather gets cold. We work to ensure the best resin for your project based on aggregate type and expected traffic.

Removing old paving can take time, not to mention the cost of removing all that waste. StoneSet can save you both time and money cutting out that costly step, by simply being applied to the top of your old paving. StoneSet applies quickly, and finishes quickly too. The overlay can cure in 24 hours or less, allowing you to resume your business with minimal interruption.

Another reason that StoneSet is a great choice for your overlay paving choice is it’s versatility. You can use more than just concrete as a base! Past projects applied StoneSet overlay to tile, metal driveways, and block paving too. We offer numerous colour and texture options, allowing you to tailor your overlay to exactly the look that you want.


StoneSet is the product you need when you’re updating your pavement. We’re committed to creating a sustainable overlay that you’ll love.

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