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How to Use Overlay Paving to Revitalize a Project While Saving Money

Sure, your old hardscape may be cracked, split, or fractured, but it could still be strong enough to provide the foundation for a beautiful new piece of pavement. Why rip up a solid foundation just because it’s starting to wear down? There are plenty of reasons to restructure your worn-out overlay pavement, by using it as the foundation for a vibrant new hardscape. Here are some benefits of using overlay paving.

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Overlay Paving: If It Isn’t Broke, Don’t Fix It!

How many times have you found yourself staring out at your garden path, or your walkways, and winced at the state of repair they’re in? There may be divots in the stone, it’s dingy, or it’s just plain ugly. You can remember how sleek and smooth it looked when it was new, but those days are long behind you. You know you should replace it, but that would cost a shiny penny. And there’s nothing wrong with it when it comes down to the foundation: it’s just the surface that’s become unsightly.


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How to Convince Clients StoneSet is for Them

As a landscaper, it’s likely you know the benefits of using certain materials over others. If you’re already using StoneSet in your contracted projects, then you know its benefits first-hand. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean you know how to effectively relay that information to your clients who are asking you about their landscaping needs. Let’s examine the most effective way to convince your customers that StoneSet is the right product for them.

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StoneSet for Your Clients with Damaged Yards

How does a homeowner know when it’s time to update the landscaping around their home? As a professional landscaper, you have a responsibility for educating your clients on the best management practices, design concepts and practical solutions for the exterior area surrounding their homes.Here are a few points you can share with your customers that indicate their landscaping is failing:

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