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If you have a path, driveway, or patio and are planning on redoing it, then you may have heard about porous paving? It’s also known as permeable paving or, rarely, pervious paving. There are a number of advantages – particularly for a patio or pathway in your yard.

Porous paving is designed to allow water to seep through it rather than letting it run off the side. Here are some of the advantages:

  1. They are better for the environment – and for local flood management. Because the rainwater seeps in rather than ending up in the storm drain, there is less risk of a flood. Also, the water is cleaned of pollutants as it seeps through the gravel base under the pavement. Porous pavement can also be made from recycled materials such as concrete or glass.
  2. They reduce irrigation costs by directing the water into the soil under the path or patio, from where it can flow into your garden.


  3. They often look better. As porous paving consists of a series of tiles rather than one solid surface, you can create interesting patterns. Some people like to put the stones a bit further apart and allow grass to grow between them. They also come in a wider variety of colours. Another alternative is tiny stones which give the same look as traditional asphalt – but can be laid in different colours and patterns.
  4. They last longer. Because the paving stones can flex, they don’t crack as easily with seasonal temperature changes and they can handle high traffic.
  5. They don’t reflect as much heat – especially if you live in a hot and dry climate. This helps the health of local vegetation, makes your patio more comfortable to relax on in summer, and can even help reduce heat build-up in your car.

If any or all of this sounds good – then contact StoneSet to find out about their range of porous pavement products in a variety of colours and materials.

Porous Pavement: The Pro’s and Con’s of Going Green

Let’s talk about “Going Green“. You hear the word tossed around a lot, and its’ meaning seems to draw a fine line between environmental awareness and publicity. In an effort to be transparent, we are going to draw up a list of pros and — strangely enough — cons of using porous paving as part of your green project.


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3 Reasons Porous Paving is Growing in Popularity

Porous paving is not a new invention by any stretch of the imagination. However, it is seeing surging popularity that doesn’t look to be slowing any time soon, according to Belgard. But why are more homeowners (and even business owners and landscapers) seeking more porous paving options now, when they’ve always been around? Well, we have listed some of those reasons below.


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Porous Paving: The Green Alternative to Concrete

Water scarcity is an ongoing, global problem that is predicted to affect two-thirds of the world’s population by 2025. While we do our part in conserving water by taking shorter showers or adjusting the sprinkler system, we don’t often think about our driveways. But impervious pavements all throughout our urban areas are a major factor in worsening water scarcity.

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Porous Paving Keeps Your Walking Surface Cool, As Well As Natural

Have you ever stepped outside to get the mail, or let your dog out in the summer? Remember that instant feeling of discomfort when your foot touched the concrete that had been sitting in the hot sun all day? What if that didn’t have to happen? If, even on hot, sunny days you could walk down your front path in bare feet, or relax on your patio, without worrying about slipping on a pair of shoes before you stepped outside?

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What Are The Benefits of Porous Paving? It’s A Step Toward Resolving Heat Island Problems

Cities are, generally speaking, hotter places to live than more spread out suburban or rural areas. The main culprit for this is something called the heat island effect, which is a fancy way of saying that heat tends to linger in cities, making them hotter than the surrounding area.

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One Great Benefit of Porous Paving? No More Puddles!

There’s something special about the rain. The gentle hush as it falls, the way everything seems to shrink down, and even that relaxing smell of flowing water. But if you have traditional pavement, there is also a slew of negative side effects that come with even an afternoon of rain. There’s the runoff, which can lead to erosion. There’s the slick surfaces, which can linger for hours after the rain has finally stopped. And there are puddles… puddles which can lead to water damage, safety hazards, and which can linger long after the skies have cleared.

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