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Exciting StoneSet Applications Around The House

StoneSet has made headlines worldwide as an innovative new product that helps resolve issues of impermeable surfaces. StoneSet’s material is referred to as a “green paving” because of its ecological benefits.

As discussed here, this product is permeable unlike concrete, which contributes to heat islands, CO2 emissions, and impeded water drainage. First, a heat island is when a pocket of warm gasses become trapped in the area between skyscrapers or other buildings within an urban setting.


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Porous Paving is Ideal For Your Pool Surround


There’s nothing quite like relaxing near the pool when the summer comes in full force.

The juxtaposition of the pounding heat, and the cool water, can make it feel like your own, personal oasis. Of course, getting out of the pool comes with risks. Not just that you’re going to dry off and warm up, but that you have to be careful where you put your feet. One wrong step, and you might fall onto the concrete surround instead of back into the water.

If you’re looking for a way to make your surround safer, and to customize its appearance, then you might want to consider porous paving.

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