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New Christmas Tradition to Set in Stone with StoneSet

A popular trend over the last few years is for families to create new Christmas traditions that go above and beyond the typical acts of gift giving. Instead of exchanging one gift or a few small gifts with each family member, such as clothing items or trinkets or toys, often the focus now is on large gifts that address the practical needs of each family member instead of a list of needless wants.

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StoneSet: THE Landscaping SOLUTION for your Clients

Landscapers looking for new ideas and new products find StoneSet perfect for their clients looking for something new, too. StoneSet, available across Australia and New Zealand, provides a wonderful overlay and porous paving solution for hardscaping projects of all kinds: driveways, front entrance ways, carports, parking lots, pathways, equipment pads, patios and porches, play areas, tree surrounds and pool surrounds.

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StoneSet Applications Around the House for Busy Professionals

Work/life balance is a challenge for professionals and entrepreneurs with a focus on career advancement or building a business. An increased workload is expected when moving up in status. Time is one of your most precious commodities. At the end of the day when you finally arrive home, the last thing on your mind is yard maintenance.

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Why You Should Use StoneSet To Enhance Your House

If you’re a homeowner or landscaper and you’ve been looking for the perfect service to help you complete that new home or renovation project, StoneSet is your solution. StoneSet is a green company based in Australia that specializes in porous paving as well as overlay paving. By choosing StoneSet, you gain access to numerous benefits such as unparalleled aestheticism, which also offers slip resistance and affordability.

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