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Rockhampton Botanical Gardens

This week StoneSet were on site with Heritage Tree Care in the beautiful heritage listed Rockhampton Botanic Gardens in Queensland, installing 190sqm of porous pathways. Tree health and maintaining original character were critical for Rockhampton Regional Council. Read how StoneSet’s ‘Kirribilli Red’ was not only porously practical, but safe and beautiful

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StoneSet: Large Scale Project Misconceptions Debunked

Loose gravel and garden stones are very popular in the landscaping world. They look nice, add dimension and they are easier to maintain then mulch. But you may not always consider it for your larger projects, as it may seem too costly in both actual cost and in time. StoneSet is however, an affordable solution and can be laid quite quickly – with 150m2 easily installed per day.

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StoneSet Applications for Apartment and Condo Communities

Apartment and Condo Communities save money and solve many maintenance problems while improving the quality of life in their multi-resident communities when they replace their old deteriorating concrete surfaces with StoneSet’s porous paving solutions. No one wants to live in a “concrete jungle,” so improve your community with StoneSet porous paving.

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permeable paving school tree surround

Practical Solutions with StoneSet for commercial paving

A commercial facility with a professionally designed outdoor area creates confidence in the company’s customers. Tastefully designed hardscaping features added to the establishment’s exterior can improve the business presence. Not only does it increase the aesthetic appeal, but it serves a practical purpose for using the property.

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