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Porous Paving: The Green Alternative to Concrete

Water scarcity is an ongoing, global problem that is predicted to affect two-thirds of the world’s population by 2025. While we do our part in conserving water by taking shorter showers or adjusting the sprinkler system, we don’t often think about our driveways. But impervious pavements all throughout our urban areas are a major factor in worsening water scarcity.

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StoneSet Has Solved Many Landscaping Problems

Property owners hire landscape architects and engineers to enhance the comfort and style of their homes and businesses. Whether they want to use a larger part of their outdoor space or provide a relaxing setting for employees, it is important that the area is stylish and easy to maintain. That means affordable products with comfortable results.

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An interesting Porous Paving Application: Parking Lots

How many times have you been walking out to your car, only to dance around puddles? Or, even worse, how many times have you parked in the rain, got out without looking, and found yourself soaked to the ankle because of a puddle you didn’t see? Those are annoying, but all that standing water can have disastrous effects for the surrounding area when it comes to flooding. In fact, that’s what happened in at the Detroit Zoo.

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How Old is Porous Paving?

Porous paving, at first glance, looks like the sort of technology we would create in response to many of the conditions we face in the modern-day. After all, a pavement that allows water to drain through it, trapping contaminants in order to keep the water table pure, sounds exactly like the sort of thing green scientists would cook up in order to preserve dwindling natural resources, prevent erosion, and help the environment.

And they did… but they created it back in the 1800s.

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