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Bird netting has come under fire recently – with photos like this Tasmanian salmon netting. We take a look at this medical facility in St Leonards where bird netting would have been unsightly, especially if birds were to become entangled. A far smarter solution is to stop birds being able to pick up the stone using Pour’On gravel binder – retaining the buildings modern, cleaner look


New Christmas Tradition to Set in Stone with StoneSet

A popular trend over the last few years is for families to create new Christmas traditions that go above and beyond the typical acts of gift giving. Instead of exchanging one gift or a few small gifts with each family member, such as clothing items or trinkets or toys, often the focus now is on large gifts that address the practical needs of each family member instead of a list of needless wants.

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Flood Alleviation for Retrofit Scheme at ‘Lost’ London River Can Work For You

London is currently undertaking the task of flood control along an old creek bed called Counters Creek. Initially, the streambed became part of the Joseph Bazalgette’s sewer network in the 19th Century. Population growth led to more construction right over the top of this old creek bed and current sewer system. Over the years, this creek was lost in the annals of history but is once again making a name for itself.

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