Build Your Customer Base With Quality StoneSet Solutions

Many builders are using StoneSet materials to provide their customers with cost-effective paving solutions for everything from industrial campuses to residential driveways. The porous nature of our products encourages water absorption to reduce damages from erosion. This makes it easier and quicker to repair cracks and holes while using locally available materials to reduce costs.

When it comes to your next project, offer your customers the following benefits of StoneSet’s paving materials:



Our resin product resists UV permeation. This prevents fading and adds strength to the surrounding areas. Heat can soften and crack most paving materials, but our resin mixture is flexible and porous preventing the damages that UV light can cause. Long lasting StoneSet resin holds stone particles in place allowing homeowners and businesses to retain a professionally cared for driveway or walkway with less maintenance.


An anti-slip finish can help keep walkways safer while still providing a high-quality finish. Whether you have a steep slope or shallow incline, StoneSet has a mixture that keeps your stonework in place while offering a more solid footing for your clients.



The blend of resin materials is specific to each project in order to match the colors and stonework in the area. This increases the optimal resin content resulting in reliable strength, flexibility, and durability for your plans. Pre-weighing and batching materials for each job ensures the correct amount of resin and aggregate are available for the work ahead.



Our wide range of colours and textures means a higher rate of flexibility on designs. This encourages creativity making these materials versatile and dependable.


Many companies create walkways around a logo or an important piece of artwork. StoneSet encourages these unlimited possibilities with our highly versatile resins and beautiful finishes.


Whether your projects include renovating old pathways or installing commercial grade pavement, our porous paving and overlay paving allow you to provide a long-lasting base with a quality finish. Approved installers even offer a 10-year guarantee for most of their projects.

Contact StoneSet, ask about our on site estimates, and get a reliable quote before you start work.

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