Backyard Fun: Building a Pool in Your Backyard

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Swimming pools are a great addition to homes. Not only do they provide fun and a healthy entertainment for the whole family, but they also add great value to the home. 

Planning on having one built in your backyard? Here are some things to consider:

Research and Create a Portfolio

If you’ve wanted a swimming pool in your backyard for the longest time, then you might have collected photos of what you want yours to look like. This will give the builder you choose an idea of what you’re interested in, as well as allow them to suggest what they think suits best for your needs and preferences.

Establish a Budget and Stay within That Limit

Pools are a great investment; however, you have to set a limit as to how much you’re willing to spend for it. From the builders and materials to potential future maintenance costs, you should be able to make an estimate from there and adjust as you go along talking to contractors.


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Choose the Right Builders

Choosing a credible contractor may be taxing, but it will surely pay off in the end. Try and gather as much as you can and go from there. Check their credibility through past client testimonials, as well as portfolios so you can make sure of their capabilities.

Materials You Need

You can use different materials for your swimming pool: fibreglass and concrete are the most popular choices these days.

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Apart from that, you also have to consider the ground that surrounds your pool, as slippery portions can be a health hazard. Porous paving, such as the ones used for driveway resurfacing, can create a great seamless finish for pool surrounds – it’s slip-resistant, unaffected by chlorine, and it also provides a soft underfoot. Rounded pebbles are the best choice for this purpose.

Don’t forget to consider local building codes and insurance, as well, as these are some of the most important things to remember about building pools. Plus, as much as possible, try to be energy efficient and eco-friendly. Pool construction trends, such as porous pavements, are widely used now as they have a positive impact on the environment.

By introducing a pool to your block of land you will also have to consider your hard to soft landscape ratio. A pool is classed as hard landscaping and therefore the size may be restricted by council. By using a permeable paving system around your pool can not only help improve your chances of getting the pool approved by council but will also allow you to have the size and shape pool you have dreamed of.

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