Porous Paving: Applications for Your Business or home

tennis court porous paving

What do tennis courts, pedestrian walkways, and your driveway all have in common? Many of them are not the most effective at allowing water to return to the ground. Traditional asphalt and cement do not filter water and instead allow industrial chemicals, oils, and other pollutants to run into nearby storm drains and gutters where they then enter our municipal water supplies and natural habitats.

Additionally, many of these traditional forms of pavement produce heat islands, pockets of hot air common to urban and heavily paved areas. These heat islands, produced by paving which is not permeable and dry, can make the ground of a parking lot, paved patio, or driveway feel as much as 90 degrees hotter than the surrounding air.


In order to keep cool and reduce the impact on the environment, porous paving serves as an aesthetically pleasing and green choice for driveways, pedestrian walkways, and patios. The permeable nature of porous paving allows for landscaping with trees, grasses, and shrubs while also allowing excess water to filter through to the ground. Aesthetically, the applications for porous paving are numerous and diverse. Porous pavings can be found in applications ranging from home driveways and walkways to industrial landscaping and parking lots.

Marrickville, NSW, Overlay Car Park


As paving material for driveways and pathways, porous paving can help reduce the overall long-term cost of building and home maintenance by allowing water to return to the ground. This prevents run-off into nearby storm drains, which may carry harmful pollutants such as gasoline spills from vehicles or residue from household cleaning products back into the potable water supply.


In addition to its infrastructural benefits, porous paving gives property owners the flexibility of adding landscaping to their driveways and walkways. The porous nature of the paving enables water and minerals to reach the roots of the vegetation. The same benefit applies to parking lots as well. Instead of a purely utilitarian space, the parking lot can now add to the ambiance and atmosphere of your business with appropriate greenery.


If you would like more information about porous paving and how it can help your business or home, please feel free to contact us.

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