Our council has introduced a WSUD policy into the planning permit process… What now?

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Water sensitive urban design or WSUD aims to reduce the amount of impervious hard surfaces and mitigate changes to the natural water balance.

This approach to storm water should help change thinking to remember water is a resource rather than a burden to rid ourselves of.

There are several ways you can make your home more water sensitive, which will not only help meet council approval but will make your home more environmentally aware.

Rainwater Tanks
Rainwater Tanks

Rain Gardens

Porous Driveway
Porous Paving

In cities and towns hard paved surfaces such as driveways and courtyards take up a significant area. All of these hard impervious surfaces do not allow the rainwater to soak back into the ground, which would of happened before the area was developed. These large amounts of surface run off entering into our streams can impact on pollution to the waterways, erosion and flooding.

To reduce this surface run off you can utilise porous paving instead of concrete.
Porous pavements reduce the amount of runoff by allowing water to soak through the surface and into the underlying soil.

Porous paving can be just as hard wearing as concrete and even more importantly look fantastic.

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