Beyond The Driveway: StoneSet Applications Around The House

StoneSet is an innovative green paving solution that stands the test of time with little maintenance. StoneSet is not only a cost effective solution for repairing your driveway, its uses extend far beyond where you park your car.


StoneSet makes the perfect surface for pool surrounds. Its rounded though textured pebbles prove easy on your feet and slip resistant. Homeowners with children will love the safety StoneSet provides in comparison to slippery, hazardous tiles.

Chlorine or salt water pools do not damage StoneSet. This means your pool surround will stand the test of time and cost you less in maintenance and repair.


Looking for a safe, durable material for your children’s play area? StoneSet is your solution. Customize your StoneSet playground with colourful shapes and design your child will love and are perfect for pathways.

Our slip resistant porous paving solution eliminates tripping hazards. It keeps your child safe and reduces your environmental footprint. Busy mom’s love StoneSet for its easy maintenance. All you need to clean your child’s playground is some detergent and a brush.



Want a pathway with a seamless, natural finish? StoneSet provides your home garden with an easily maintained, durable pathway that stands up to high amounts of foot traffic and weather.

With StoneSet, the sky’s the limit. Avid gardeners can section off their yard to better keep track of vegetables, fruits, and flowers.



Our stone paving solution can fix even the most damaged walkways, driveways, even if they are concrete. With StoneSet, there’s no need to worry about the heavy foot traffic in this area. StoneSet’s polyurethane resin can withstand it all. With a 10-year guarantee, StoneSet offers an unbeatable paving solution for your home.


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