Benefits of Porous Paving in Coastal Areas

Australia and New Zealand have lots of highly populated coastal areas at risk of more intense storms due to climate change. Storms have become more destructive mainly because these coastal areas are more populated and more developed than ever before.

Our cities have changed more than the climate. Our cities, called “concrete jungles” are truly as dangerous as they sound! Concrete causes cities to drown. In the United States, Hurricane Harvey devastatingly flooded Houston in a matter of hours due to the high percentage of land covered in concrete, as you may have seen on the recent news. The water has nowhere to go. We watch people attempt to drive or walk through high water at great danger, and we watch homes flooded with people waiting on rooftops for rescue, and naturally we think about where we live and how much concrete we have in our coastal cities. We might see a reduction in the amount of damage lost during heavy rains and heavy storm surges in coastal areas that are prone to flooding, with the use of porous paving instead of concrete.

Like other places affected by natural disasters, Houston will vow to rebuild. Hopefully, they will reduce the amount of land covered in concrete to prevent similar future destruction and loss of life when they do rebuild. Right now, they have to deal with the water that has nowhere to go. Australia and New Zealand know the force of water, surrounded by it, and people living on the coasts are familiar with the sheer destructive power of cyclonic storms.


Affiliated companies, StoneSet offers impressive porous paving products to eliminate concrete use around your home or business in your local coastal area that might be the next coastal area to experience such a destructive natural disaster.

StoneSet’s environmentally friendly porous paving products bind natural loose stone with a polyurethane resin leaving the voids between stones, so water permeates the porous surface to the soil as heavy rains fall, instead of running off concrete surfaces quickly to create dangerous flooding situations. With normal rain and irrigation precipitations, porous paving conserves water for lawns and gardens, instead of allowing it to run off hard surfaces into drains and eventually into rivers and streams. Of course, porous paving is perfect anywhere, even inland, especially in low-lying areas, for any landscaping or hardscaping project.

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