Benefits of Porous Paving for your Parking Needs

Do you have a cracked or crumbled concrete residential driveway or commercial parking lot? Want to replace it with anything except concrete? Have you heard about StoneSet’s porous paving yet?

StoneSet’s porous paving provides the perfect environmentally friendly solution that’s easy on the budget and easy on the eyes, and that has many benefits over concrete.

Concrete surfaces stay hot and raise the temperature around a home or business, and it easily cracks and crumbles with even subtle changes in climate. When it rains, water runs off the concrete washing oils, fertilisers, and other chemical pollutants directly into nearby rivers and streams, which affects wildlife. Concrete’s cracks and crumbles and often slippery surface present dangerous hazards.

Riverstone Family Medical Practice Car Park

Replace your old concrete driveway or parking lot with an Earth friendly paving product that will allow water to seep through to the soil to prevent erosion and to conserve water. Save that water to nourish your lawn and landscaping. StoneSet binds loose stone or glass leaving natural voids to conserve water reducing puddles in your driveway or parking lots. StoneSet’s slip-resistant finish keeps your family or your customers safe.

StoneSet is available 24 attractive colours of natural stone and 6 colours of recycled glass for vibrant accents.

For residential driveways, there’s no limit to the possible aesthetically pleasing designs available to compliment any home’s architecture.

Public Carpark, Glass House Mountains


Contact us to help you design the perfect porous pavement solutions for your parking needs. Make your home or business stand out from the rest with StoneSet.

For more information about the numerous benefits of porous paving, you can download our Free Whitepaper below:


Porous paving benefits whitepaper