Benefits of Porous Paving for Suburban and Rural Areas

You’ve heard the term “concrete jungle,” and you are familiar with the unfortunate effects of living in such an unnatural landscape. Many people seek to move away from cities to find more natural landscapes.

We often associate this term “concrete jungle” with city life, and don’t consider that many suburban and rural areas on the outskirts of our larger cities are also heavily landscaped in concrete. Residential driveways, entrance ways, patios, and garden pathways are often made of concrete, so even suburban homes or rural outposts have become “concrete jungles.” StoneSet’s porous paving products provide the perfect environmentally friendly solution to concrete’s many hard problems.

Concrete surfaces stay hot and raise the temperature around a home, so much that it turns backyard entertaining, gardening, or simply mowing the lawn into unpleasant activities. Concrete surfaces are inflexible, so they crack and crumble over time. Concrete surfaces allow water to puddle and become slippery when wet. Concrete surfaces allow water to run off into storm drains, instead of nourishing the soil around your home. Concrete surfaces are drab and aesthetically boring.


StoneSet‘s sustainable porous paving product binds natural stone or recycled glass with a polyurethane resin that leaves natural voids between stones to allow water to permeate the stable surface instead of running off. Water that seeps through the surface nourishes the soil below to conserve hydration for your lawn and garden saving you money.

Hardscaping with StoneSet lasts far longer than concrete with little maintenance, and it eliminates the problems of concrete.

  • StoneSet surfaces are strong and stable, yet flexible, so they won’t crack or crumble.
  • StoneSet resists puddles and slips for a safer surface.
  • StoneSet surfaces stay cooler, and so life is more enjoyable around your home.


Guaranteed for 10 years, StoneSets engineers have designed a sustainable product to last 25 years.

Available in 24 colours of natural stone and 6 vibrant colours of recycled glass, StoneSet‘s aesthetic possibilities are endless. One can’t really get creative with concrete, but StoneSet offers an artist’s palette of colours and textures to compliment any architectural design from modern suburban to rustic rural.

If you have moved from the city to a suburb or to a rural area to get away from the “jungle,” the last thing you wanted all around your home is more concrete. Choose StoneSet’s porous paving product instead.


Contact us to replace your existing concrete driveways, entrance ways, pathways, garden pathways, or patios and stop living in the “concrete jungle.”

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