Benefits of Porous Paving for Coastal Properties

If you live on the coast in Australia or New Zealand, StoneSet’s porous paving products provide the pathway to a more environmentally responsible living arrangement. Concrete does not do so well in coastal areas and it’s not good for the environment. Concrete cracks, crumbles, and shifts on our sandy shores.


During minor storms and major natural catastrophes, abundantly concrete covered areas create dangerous flooding situations mainly because the water has nowhere to go. Concrete surfaces remain hot and are unpleasant to walk on, especially with bare feet, and raise the temperature of the environment significantly.

StoneSet’s porous paving product binds natural stone in place for a stable hard surface, but leaves voids between stones to allow water to permeate the hard surface to reach the soil, preventing erosion and run-off. Puddles subside quicker when water permeates through the surface. StoneSet’s finishing coat leaves a slip-resistant surface to keep you and your family safe.


Water from rain storms and irrigation that hits your hardscaping such as your driveway, entrance way, garden pathway, or patio will nourish your lawn and gardens on your property instead of running off to the street. StoneSet helps to conserve freshwater and to prevent soil erosion, which remains very important in coastal areas where there’s limited resources and high property values. StoneSet’s porous paving products sustain the elements here longer than concrete. Guaranteed for ten years, but designed to endure beautifully for 25 years, StoneSet’s products sustain with little maintenance.

Fully porous StoneSet driveway, completed with our 6mm Evergreen Ash.


StoneSet’s porous paving products come in 24 colours of natural stone, and 6 colours of vibrant recycled glass to compliment any style of architecture and design, whether modern or classic. StoneSet’s colour palette and the freedom of design process allows you to create an aesthetically pleasing design, which our customers’ see as the best benefit of porous paving over concrete.


Contact us at StoneSet to porously pave your patios, beach cabana floors, pool surrounds, backyard beach play areas, as well as your traditional hardscaped areas like driveways, entrance ways, and pathways around your home.

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