Artistic Pool Surrounds

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Is the concrete around your in-ground swimming pool chipped, cracked, or is it old and in need of replacement?

 Has it become slippery over the years? Has the soil around your concrete pool surround eroded or washed away from run off during rain storms? Does the concrete get too hot and make sunbathing miserable and too fast? Does your concrete pool surround look like a boring concrete slab? Instead of replacing your concrete surround with concrete again, replace it with a custom designed StoneSet pool surround.


Perfect around swimming pools and totally customizable, StoneSet is a stone bonding material that creates a strong solid surface with a beautiful porous and sandy finish that keeps it puddle-free and slip resistant. StoneSet is porous, as the resin leaves natural voids between stones, which allows water to pass through to the soil. Shade trees or privacy hedges surrounded with StoneSet will receive proper watering and less soil erosion.

StoneSet is also environmentally friendly and sustainable. Guaranteed to last ten years, but expect that StoneSet’s engineering will last twenty-five years, which is coincidentally about the life expectancy of an in ground swimming pool with regular maintenance. StoneSet hardscaping requires no maintenance and is easily washable with a hose or occasional pressure wash.


StoneSet comes in 24 natural stone colours and in 6 bright colours of recycled glass to create designs to compliment any type, shape and size swimming pool, indoor or outdoor. The palette of colours StoneSet offers bring out the artist in you as you imagine possible designs for your favourite summertime setting.

Lighter colours of natural stone keep the area around a pool cooler in the summer. Use darker colours for arrows to dressing rooms or bathroom. Vibrant colours of recycled glass create wonderful and whimsical accents that make swimming and lounging fun.


Contact StoneSet to custom design your swimming pool surround. Autumn and winter seasons are perfect for such project since you’re not using it!  Replace that old concrete pool surround with an environmentally friendly and sustainable porous product that will keep your swimmers safe, that will make your pool look cool, and that will make your neighbours or your competition drool.


For more applications and ideas about what our product can do, download our FREE Inspiration Book and be amazed by its endless possibilities!