Pour On


Quick and easy to install, Pour On Gravel Binder provides a cost effective way to bind and stabilise loose gravel, creating attractive and easy to maintain gravel landscaping and pathways.

Darren Buckingham Pour On_StoneSet
Golden Pour On pathway - StoneSet
Amber Pour On Road Median - StoneSet

Create a finished surface with that natural loose gravel look or smooth off for a pathway suitable for push chairs and wheelchairs.

Using Pour On is easy:

  1. Prepare your stone pathway by removing debris and levelling off with a rake or broom for existing areas or by spreading a 40mm depth of 10mm clean gravel for a new application.
  2. Pour the resin over the stone using a bucket with holes drilled into it.
  3. Smooth off any uneven areas with a trowel or straight edge
  4. Leave to cure once cured the stone will be locked in place for a low maintenance bound gravel surface.