permeable driveway, porous paving, porous driveway, driveway resurfacing

All StoneSet products are are fully porous/permeable which allows water to penetrate the surface and flow through to the ground below. With issues surrounding flooding, pollution and preservation orders on trees, a permeable surface is becoming increasingly essential.

permeable driveway, porous paving, porous driveway, driveway resurfacing

StoneSet blend specific amounts of resin and a certain stone size in our design process. This is optimised so the particles are being held firmly together to support heavy vehicle traffic at the points of contact between the stone, whilst leaving large voids for water and air to permeate through.

Soft Landscaping Footprint

In an effort to control the quality of our waterways and reduce surface run off and flooding, local councils are now restricting the footprint of impervious surfaces on plots of land. The size of a property, driveway and pathways can be affected by these new restrictions. By using StoneSet you can achieve all the low maintenance benefits of hard surfaced areas such as blocks, pavers and concrete, but with the properties of a soft landscaped lawn or loose gravel therefore meeting council requirements and having a positive effect on the environment.

The Water Cycle ”continuous movement of water on Earth”

Water soaking back into the ground is very important to recharge ground water creeks and streams, the process naturally filters the water providing cleaner healthier waterways.

The Problem…

As we have been building urban areas we have created vast amounts of impervious surfaces in the form of buildings, roads and footpaths.

Our outdated system of handling stormwater dates back to the Romans where we simply channelled the water down gutters, into drains carrying pollutants and creating stormwater surges.

This in turn creates a rush of polluted water that hits our waterways and causes erosion and flooding.

The Solution…

Simply put, porous paving is the solution. If all of our paving was fully porous, almost no stormwater would be washing pollutants into the waterways.

StoneSet Porous Paving Water running through