Breathe life into tired a surface

Utilize old paving by making it the base for the next

Paving at Kelvin Grove college

Often an area of existing paving can become worn and patched up, even cracked without losing its structural strength and integrity. StoneSet can be used as a surface dressing to bring it back to life, looking better than ever. When originally conceived StoneSet was designed simply for an attractive, natural surface for overlaying concrete and asphalt.

Think green!

By using an existing surface you can dramatically reduce the amount of raw material used to replace the paving as well as eliminating the waste being taken to landfill.

Overlay paving on concrete

Using an existing impervious surface such as concrete doesn’t mean that you can’t make full use of the porous nature of StoneSet products. By incorporating a drainage channel as a collection point the water can still be collected before reaching drains and returned to the water table or harvested on site for re-use.

By not having to remove any old product and taking advantage of a quick installation method, StoneSet can help bring a refurbishment in on time and budget. You can even incorporate logos, patterns and design into the surface.

Overlay paving with patterns and design into the surface

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