Renovate your existing driveway with a StoneSet, perfectly suited for vehicular trafficked applications.

Thats why StoneSet has been used extensively for  driveway resurfacing and creating a new fully permeable driveway required by council.

Even decorative driveways.!

  • Hard Wearing
  • 15t+ Load Baring
  • Low Maintenance
  • Unrivalled Kerb side appeal




Driveway application – StoneSet overlay – After


Create a beautiful, seamless, natural looking pathway, while meeting accessibility requirements, with StoneSet.

Easily overlay cracked concrete, replace loose pebble, stop water pooling, runoff and path erosion. The smooth, fully bound surface provides is perfect for aged care facilities, hospitals and schools

  • Slip resistant 
  • Pushchair friendly
  • No trip hazards
  • Easy Maintenance

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stoneset pathway


High traffic, large areas, from schools to shopping centres, StoneSet is creates a seamless look that can soften sound vibration, making it perfect for enclosed spaces.

  • Easy to clean
  • High sound absorption
  • Trip hazard free
  • Limited access installs

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Courtyard application – StoneSet enclosed spaces

Car Park

Using the grading principle of asphalt, StoneSet can be designed to withstand the traffic of a car park. Each StoneSet blend is designed in our laboratory to create the perfect ratio of resin and stone therefore no matter what volume of traffic we will design a mix to suit your project. Line markings and tactile studs can easily be added to a StoneSet finish making it suitable for all commercial applications.

  • Hard Wearing
  • Suitable for heavy traffic
  • Suitable for White line painting
  • Pressure washer safe

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Car park application – StoneSet heavy traffic


Tree Surround

Our 6mm stone blends maximise the porosity rate at which water can reach the root zone. A StoneSet Tree Surround is unrivalled at achieving these rates while providing a durable surface for an urban environment.

  • ‘Fully’ Porous
  • Reduces maintenance
  • No Trip hazards
  • Flexible; crack resistant

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Tree surrounds application – StoneSet urban environment


Pool Surrounds

Using rounded pebbles, StoneSet can be soft under foot making a great seamless finish for pool surrounds unaffected by chlorine or salt water pools. No more puddles or slippery tiles with a StoneSet pool surround.

  • Soft underfoot
  • Slip resistant
  • Unaffected by Chlorine
  • Seamless

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Pool surrounds application – StoneSet slip resistant

Heritage Location

While trying to recreate an authentic gravel surface, StoneSet satisfies the heritage requirements. We can utilise natural, locally sourced stone and rock to ensure the surface is in keeping with the surrounding environment.

  • Natural
  • Low impact installation
  • Locally sourced aggregates
  • Heritage board approved

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Heritage locations application – StoneSet natural driveway


Get creative and playful by incorporating patterns and designs, transforming an open space into a focal point of play. The coloured recycled glass provides a rainbow of colours to choose from with the added benefit of a recycled, sustainable paving solution.

  • Fun designs
  • Colourful
  • Slip resistant
  • Trip hazard free

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Playground application – StoneSet colours, patterns and designs