An interesting Porous Paving Application: Parking Lots

How many times have you been walking out to your car, only to dance around puddles? Or, even worse, how many times have you parked in the rain, got out without looking, and found yourself soaked to the ankle because of a puddle you didn’t see? Those are annoying, but all that standing water can have disastrous effects for the surrounding area when it comes to flooding. In fact, that’s what happened in at the Detroit Zoo.

Their solution? Install a porous parking lot.




Porous paving is far from a new creation, but it’s finally being embraced by many designers and businesses looking for green solutions to their pavement problems. As the name implies, porous paving is pavement without filler, so there are tiny pathways in the pavement that allow water to drain. Even better, the pavement itself acts as a filter, catching contaminants like oil and not letting them into the water table.

Parking lots are an ideal candidate for porous paving. They tend to be fairly large, and that surface area makes them a flood risk. So, rather than installing elaborate systems for draining a parking lot, it’s possible to make the pavement work for you. Porous pavement ensures there are no puddles waiting to catch people unawares, and it swiftly drains water away to ensure there’s no flooding.


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