A Few Ways to Use Stone in the Landscape

Landscapers who find it troublesome to continually nurture plants within the landscape can turn to the permanent nature of stone to create beautiful surroundings.

While stone can be cracked or weathered due to the elements over time, in between they do not need much maintenance. Another important benefit of working with stone is that its versatility. You are sure to find someplace where stone will be a perfect fit within your current project.

The following are a few ways that you can use stone as a permanent fixture during your next landscaping endeavour:



Stepping stones look beautiful, though when they are surrounded by grass they can be a lot of hard work. Snipping around each stone edge can take up precious weekend time. Instead of grass, lay StoneSet which will not lonely look beautiful and enhance the natural look – though provide you with a no maintenance surface.


Dry stream beds made of stones are useful in collecting rainwater and helping out with drainage problems. They are best placed at the bottom of a ridge or up a small slope where they can better catch rainwater.

When deciding the width and depth of the stone stream, measure how much rainwater you want to channel and keep serpentine paths that do not contradict the natural landscape that much.



A landscape that is all green is not always appropriate, especially when it is situated in a rural area. Strategically placed stones help attract the eye to certain surroundings that you or your client may wish to showcase. Always consider the stone(s) shape, colour, and placement so that it blends in quite naturally with its surroundings.



StoneSet was established in Australia in 2008. The company offers its services throughout the entire country and has a wide and diverse portfolio showcasing its applications and quality of work.

StoneSet uses a unique technology designed to create more sustainable paving. The company uses only locally-sourced material and is the sole proprietor of its unique resin blend. StoneSet has grown throughout the years and has many subcontractors throughout Australia and New Zealand.


For more information about StoneSet and what it can offer you and your clients, please contact us.

We also have a very informative document about the benefits of our product that you can download for free below:


Porous paving benefits whitepaper