4 Situations Where Porous Paving is Useful

4 Situations Where Porous Paving is Useful

Why use porous pavement? There are many situations where porous pavement is useful.

Here are just a few possible porous paving applications.

Your Driveway is on a Slant

If your driveway is on a slant, water will flow down it and into your house, lawn, or garden whenever it rains. This will ruin your lawn or garden and can possibly cause indoor basement flooding. If, however, you use porous paving, the water will be absorbed through the surface, reducing runoff volumes.

You Live Near a River


If your house or building complex is being built or was built near a river or seashore, there will always be the risk of the river overflowing and flooding your house.

If, however, you pave your building complex’s parking lot, foreground, and streets with porous paving, the flood waters will have where to go, and will be absorbed in the ground.

You Live in a Rainy Area

If you live in a rainy area, or you are building a housing development in such an area, you face the same problem previously mentioned: There is a large chance of flooding. Using porous paving will help the rainwater be absorbed in the surface.

You are Planting Trees by Your Development


Porous paving is great for trees. This is because it lets air and water into the underground area where the trees’ roots spread and grow. If you want healthy and long-lasting trees to beautify your building complex, using porous paving is a great way to do it.

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