3 Ways You Will Benefit From A Porous Tree Surround

You spend a lot of time and effort on your trees, and you want to get the best use out of them. This is why we offer porous tree surrounds.

What will you and your trees get from this?


A tree surround made of our porous material allows rain to reach the tree roots. In fact out Stoneset layer lets water through up to 103ltrs/m2/second. This cuts down on the need for watering and makes sure that any water that escapes from the irrigation system doesn’t go to waste as it will find its way into the ground.


A 6mm layer of porous paving around a tree not only cuts down on puddles, but eliminates loose stones, so there is little to trip over. The special blend used in the paving incorporates fine cast sand, and this makes the material itself slip-resistant.

The durability of the material also enhances safety. Many traditional hard surfaces are prone to cracking, but porous paving resists it, removing the threat of exposed roots and holes that people can trip over.


Covering the ground around a tree discourages insects and weeds that might otherwise compete with or eat your tree. Weeds need sunlight, and while porous paving will let the ground breathe, it will block burrowing pests from coming up and discovering your tree’s bark.

It is important to remember that your tree may drop seeds, too. Open ground and the cracks in traditional paving can allow them to grow where you don’t want them. Stoneset guarantees its work for 10 years, but the material can last more than 25 years. That is a long time to keep your tree free from pests in the ground.


There isn’t much to keeping porous paving looking neat and pretty. Apply a brush and detergent or a pressure washer once in a while and it will continue working for a long time. It can take the sun, freezing temperatures and heat without losing color or flexibility, and so doesn’t require any special considerations.


If you have a tree that could use a material for a surround, contact us. We would love to answer your questions.