3 Reasons to Use StoneSet to Enhance Your Home

Are you renovating or updating your home? Before pouring any concrete or laying paths, consider these three ways porous paving could benefit your project.


Our porous paving is an environmentally friendly paving option. Made from recycled materials, the porous surface reduces flooding risk as it allows water to pass through. It also prevents runoff, decreasing the number of pollutants that enter our water systems. Our porous paving makes a comfortable and safe pool surround, as it reduces the risk of slipping and does not retain heat the way concrete does. It is a comfortable surface for bare feet, even in the summer months. It also makes for a convenient tree surround because it allows water to pass through and reduces risk of tripping on roots. Unlike concrete, it won’t crack or split as tree roots grow.



Our porous paving can be used in a variety of home improvement projects, including the creation of driveways, paths, courtyards, pool or tree surrounds. Do you have a concrete driveway that is cracked or in disrepair? Our overlay paving can cover existing driveways, eliminating the cost for removing damaged concrete.



StoneSet paving is aesthetically pleasing. Available in a wide variety of colours and materials, you are sure to find the perfect look for any project. We can use locally sourced stone and rock for heritage sites to keep your project in harmony with its environment. Our use of local recycled materials keeps the cost of StoneSet paving low. Best of all, our porous paving is flexible and crack-resistant. It will stay pristine for years to come, saving you money on future replacements and repairs.


If you are looking for a beautiful, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective paving solution, look no further than StoneSet paving. Contact us today to find out how StoneSet can be of service in your next project.

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