3 Reasons to Hardscape Your Commercial Rental Property

There are many enhancements you can invest in for your rental property to improve the appearance, ambiance and safety for your tenants. Implementing a few stylish hardscape features can make it that much more attractive on the marketplace.


Hardscapes are composed of materials such as wood, stone, brick or concrete. Here are 3 benefits of such materials:


People enjoy areas where they can sit privately to relax or to gather for social activities. Consider seating areas and walkways with benches or picnic tables. The best installations feel welcoming and safe while fitting into the overall property layout. StonesSet offers versatility and virtually infinite possibilities in aesthetically pleasing designs. The non-slip surface is safe for foot traffic, canes, walkers, wheelchairs, motorized assist vehicles and bicycles for children and adults of all ages.


When you consider time and money, hardscapes are preferable to other types of landscaping. Once they are installed, the maintenance is typically low. The primary material used in the StoneSet system is stone. Cleaning it can be done easily with common garden tools such as a leaf blower and a power washer. It is also highly durable, which means it can handle constant foot traffic. Your maintenance crew will also appreciate the fact that they can safely drive their vehicles on it.


Preventing pollution and soil erosion is a top priority in our part of the world. StoneSet is considered an asset because it is inherently environmentally-friendly. Although it is considered a solid surface, it is also permeable. Rainwater is absorbed into the soil below through the tiny voids in the product, thereby reducing the risks associated with flooding from runoff.

Using StoneSet in your hardscaping project adds benefits to your commercial rental property that make it desirable for current tenants, as well as new renters seeking an attractive environment. Contact us today for more ideas.

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