3 Reasons Porous Paving is Growing in Popularity

Porous paving is not a new invention by any stretch of the imagination. However, it is seeing surging popularity that doesn’t look to be slowing any time soon, according to Belgard. But why are more homeowners (and even business owners and landscapers) seeking more porous paving options now, when they’ve always been around? Well, we have listed some of those reasons below.



#1: Porous Paving Is Good For The Environment

Porous paving offers a lot of environmental benefits. First and foremost, it allows water to drain directly through it, and into the earth. It keeps rain in the local water table, which is a considerable benefit environmentally. Additionally, unlike traditional paving methods, StoneSet is a cold lay system  thus only the product which is needed is made, reducing waste.

#2: Porous Paving Makes For Ideal Drainage Solutions

When you lay traditional paving, there’s never just one step to the process. Because you might put down a path, or a patio, but then you have to install additional drainage solutions, ensure the angles are right, and a slew of other little adjustments. Porous paving, on the other hand, allows the water to drain straight through it, thus making all of those peripheral solutions unnecessary. With less of a support structure necessary, lots of property owners are turning to porous paving for sleek solutions.

#3: Looks Great

StoneSet is not just environmentally friendly, it looks good and is used as an overlay system for people unhappy with the concrete and pavers they already have. With over 27 colours to choose from, StoneSet can find the perfect tone for your project. Furthermore, with less, if any, need for expansion joints, StoneSet provides a seamless and modern look, perfect for any area.

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