3 Environmental Benefits of Porous Paving

Porous paving is a relatively simple invention that has been with us for decades. However, it’s only been in recent years that its popularity has started to blossom. Why?

Well, because when we ask questions about how we can lessen the impact our paving projects have on the environment, porous paving is often the answer we’ve been looking for.

What makes porous paving so special? Well…


The primary advantage for porous paving is that its porous nature allows water to drain straight through it, instead of sluicing off the sides. This allows water to follow its natural course, instead of pooling and puddling along the paving. This can help prevent flooding, and it keeps the local water table from being displaced.



Porous paving is kind of a one-stop shop for dealing with storm water. Since it allows the water to drain naturally, there’s no need to build gutters, and extended drainage systems. This means less area has to be paved, and it can be left in its natural state for minimal impact on the environment.



Our product actually takes fewer materials to make than its more traditional counterparts (both for asphalt and for concrete). Without the filler that would normally be in the paving, there’s less strain on the environment when it comes to harvesting and manufacturing. Not only that, but porous paving can be recycled and remade when it does finally reach the end of its life, making it quite an environmentally friendly product.


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