3 Benefits of Porous Paving

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If you’ve been considering giving your outdoor hardscapes a facelift, chances are good you’ve been looking at concrete. However, while those are the cheapest materials you can use, they don’t really offer anything other than the smallest price tag. This is your home we’re talking about, though, which is why you need to look at any project as an investment, not as a cost. And if you’re going to invest in something, you should invest in porous paving.

3 Benefits of Porous Paving

Benefit #1: Drainage

We don’t usually think about where water goes, until it’s flooding our basements. Concrete and asphalt form a solid barrier, which means water pools on top, and runs off the sides. This can lead to all sorts of problems. Porous paving lets the water drain through the paving itself, ensuring there’s as little water damage as possible, and the natural flow of draining can continue.

Benefit #2: Cooling

The main reason hard surfaces create heat island is effect because they hold a lot of heat. By using a porous surface, any rain water that soaks into the ground also has the opportunity to evaporate back up: it’s called the wicking effect. This is one reason why porous paving remains cooler than surrounding hard surfaces. This can be particularly important during warmer months where too much heat can make your outdoor areas too uncomfortable to use.

Benefit #3: Durability

Porous paving is a durable, attractive option. While concrete might last a long time structurally, it shows wear and tear quickly. That can make anything, from a patio to your driveway, look old, tired, and cracked. Porous paving, on the other hand, will maintain its appearance a great deal longer. This lets you enjoy your investment, in addition to increasing the value of your property.


These are, of course, just a few of the benefits that come with porous paving. If you’re looking for more, all you have to do is contact us today!