3 Advantages of Overlay Paving

attractive finish

Overlay paving sounds like an unusual choice, at a glance. After all, if you already have perfectly functional paving in the form of concrete, why would you add another layer to it?

Well, for these three reasons, since you ask.


You know how, after a lifetime of eating staining foods and smoking, you can have veneers put on your teeth to make them look clean and white? Overlay paving is like that, but for the road.

Whether you want to have a loose stone look, or you just want something smooth and pretty, overlay paving is an attractive veneer that can change the look of a driveway or walkway.


Replacing paving takes time, and effort. You have to break up the old paving, remove it, and then install new paving.

Overlay paving, by contrast, just goes over the existing pavement. Even if it’s cracked or stained, as long as it’s fundamentally sound, you can lay down overlay paving in a fraction of the time it would take to completely replace existing pavement.



Pavement can get costly, especially if you’re contemplating a total removal and new installation. Overlay paving doesn’t just save time and effort; it also saves money.

It’s a lot cheaper to put down a top coat over a fundamentally whole sidewalk or driveway than it is to tear it out entirely, and put a new one in.


For more advantages of overlay paving, and to find out what options you have available, simply contact us today!