3 Advantages of Green Paving

It seems you can’t turn around these days without hearing about this or that now being “green”. From energy, to product manufacturing, to transportation, people are growing increasingly concerned about their impact on the environment. We even have green paving, which allows water to drain through it and back into the water table.

For those considering green paving for their upcoming projects, it’s important to look at all the upsides it provides. Here are 3 advantages of green paving:


Green paving is porous, meaning that while it’s solid to walk on, it’s full of tiny channels that allow water to flow right through it. This eliminates the need for gutters, and it ensures there aren’t puddles of standing water on the pavement. Water is allowed to slip right through the pavement, where it’s filtered by internal layers, and eventually returned to the local water table.



Green paving isn’t indestructible, and over time it will wear down. When it needs to be replaced, though, the original materials can be recycled, and turned into new paving. This ensures there’s as little waste as possible, ensuring that once materials are put into circulation that they stay there.



StoneSet’s green paving comes from locally sourced materials. This means there’s as little transportation costs as possible involved, and property owners can rest assured that they are keeping construction, and labor, in the local markets.

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