Month: January 2018

StoneSet Applications for Home and Garden Centers

Home and Garden Centers, large and small, generally have spacious properties that cover a lot of lands to sell landscaping materials, which take much space to display properly in bulk. Larger corporate owned home and garden “big box” stores’ concrete floors detract from the shopping experience, especially when shopping in the outdoor gardening department.


Feet tire while shopping and pushing heavy carts filled with plants, potting soil, and gardening implements, so customers feel inclined to buy less for home improvement projects since shopping itself feels like such a chore. Smaller family-owned home and garden shops still have spacious properties, but often outdoor gardening departments have dirt or mulch pathways instead of concrete.

StoneSet’s porous paving, a perfect alternative to concrete for home and garden centers, binds natural loose stone with a special polyurethane resin to create beautifully custom designed hard surfaces, while leaving voids between stones to allow irrigation and rainwater to return to the water table to prevent soil erosion, to conserve water, and to nourish permanent horticultural displays.

Not only does StoneSet’s sustainable porous paving improve the environment in your store by keeping the temperature cooler and humidity levels higher, but StoneSet hardscaping compliments your home and garden products better than concrete can.

StoneSet, also makes a product called Pour On, a do-it-yourself product. Contact us for more information about both StoneSet and Pour On. We have product samples, project ideas, and competitive project bids and do-it-yourself product prices.


Home and garden centres love StoneSet because we offer 24 colours of natural stone and 6 colours of recycled glass. Endless design possibilities improve your sales.



Customers love to shop in a cool and natural feeling atmosphere that encourages the environmentally friendly acts of gardening and home improvement, and they will ask you who designed your parking lots, entrance ways, and garden pathways.

StoneSet would love your business, your referrals, and to see your store carry our do-it-yourself Pour On porous paving product.

StoneSet Commercial applications

StoneSet Offers Solutions for Commercial Development within Various Communities

Communities have recognized the need to protect our environment while continuing to increase the safety and security of our neighbourhoods. Our governing bodies and business owners continue to look for innovative designs that are cost-effective and easy to maintain. Porous paving is a water-sensitive solution that enhances the beauty, value, and usability of properties and landscapes while increasing environmental safety.

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In 2016 the Detroit Zoo completed installation of a permeable paving parking lot. The largest of its kind in the United States, this 215-space lot was installed as part of the zoo’s continuing efforts to lead the way on green construction initiatives.

However, what the Daily Tribune failed to mention in its coverage is that porous pavement is far from a new invention. In fact, it’s been around since the last century, and it was commonly used all over Europe in buildings as a way to save on costs.

It’s only recently that the environmental benefits of porous paving have allowed the material to make a comeback.


While the Detroit Zoo’s porous parking lot is far from the only example of porous paving use in the United States, much less in the rest of the world, it is the largest. For now, at least.

It might not seem overly impressive, but it’s important to remember that even proven technologies have to run the gauntlet all over again in today’s world to prove that they’re both greener, and more effective, than existing solutions. And the more examples we have of porous paving preventing storm runoff, and simultaneously cutting down on pollution and costs, the more popular it will become as a paving solution.

In a way, it’s a lot like solar power. We knew it worked, but it wasn’t considered feasible until people showed, unequivocally, that it would scale to our needs. Porous paving is currently doing the same thing, and showing the world why it deserves to be installed.

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