Month: December 2017

How to Convince Clients StoneSet is for Them

As a landscaper, it’s likely you know the benefits of using certain materials over others. If you’re already using StoneSet in your contracted projects, then you know its benefits first-hand. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean you know how to effectively relay that information to your clients who are asking you about their landscaping needs. Let’s examine the most effective way to convince your customers that StoneSet is the right product for them.

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StoneSet Applications for Apartment and Condo Communities

Apartment and Condo Communities save money and solve many maintenance problems while improving the quality of life in their multi-resident communities when they replace their old deteriorating concrete surfaces with StoneSet’s porous paving solutions. No one wants to live in a “concrete jungle,” so improve your community with StoneSet porous paving.

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StoneSet Applications for Golf Courses and Country Clubs

StoneSet leads the industry in porous paving solutions in Australia and New Zealand, where some of the most beautiful Golf Courses and Country Clubs provide valued recreation and relaxation to residents and tourists alike. Porous paving replaces your old crumbling and cracking concrete surfaces for a more sustainable and aesthetically pleasing porous paving solution.

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Incorporate StoneSet in Landscaping Projects to Reduce Noise Pollution

Sometimes a landscaping job is so physically demanding that manual labor alone is not enough. As a professional landscape contractor you know when it’s time to bring in the heavy equipment to manage the work. It’s a practical solution, but what do you do when the circumstances of the job prohibit the use of large, noisy machinery? We have recommendations when you encounter this situation.


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StoneSet Applications for Senior Living Facilities

Senior Living Facilities, Retirement Homes, and Nursing Homes, typically surrounded by concrete, seek better paving solutions. Concrete cracks and crumbles and presents a major safety hazard for residents and visitors. Replacing old and dangerous concrete with StoneSet porous paving provides a safer and  more sustainable environment with gorgeous aesthetically pleasing designs.

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permeable paving sydney driveway

Commercial Clients Love StoneSet

Commercial clients love StoneSet for landscaping around schools, hospitals, and major city infrastructure. StoneSet’s unique polyurethane resin binds natural stone, available in 24 natural colors, and recycled glass, available in 6 bright colors, into hardened surfaces that allow water to permeate to prevent erosion and to conserve water to nourish lawns and gardens, and it is the preferred alternative to concrete

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Use StoneSet to Increase Your Landscaping Credibility

This is a “heads up” for professional landscapers. In your contracting experience we know you meet homeowners that run the gamut from knowing precisely what they want to those that draw a blank when you ask them for their perspective on the ideal outdoor area. Regardless of your client’s level of expertise or creative vision, we offer solutions that simplify your job, help to reduce the cost for the home owners and offer versatility that enhances any project.

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