Month: November 2017

New Christmas Tradition to Set in Stone with StoneSet

A popular trend over the last few years is for families to create new Christmas traditions that go above and beyond the typical acts of gift giving. Instead of exchanging one gift or a few small gifts with each family member, such as clothing items or trinkets or toys, often the focus now is on large gifts that address the practical needs of each family member instead of a list of needless wants.

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One Great Benefit of Porous Paving? No More Puddles!

There’s something special about the rain. The gentle hush as it falls, the way everything seems to shrink down, and even that relaxing smell of flowing water. But if you have traditional pavement, there is also a slew of negative side effects that come with even an afternoon of rain. There’s the runoff, which can lead to erosion. There’s the slick surfaces, which can linger for hours after the rain has finally stopped. And there are puddles… puddles which can lead to water damage, safety hazards, and which can linger long after the skies have cleared.

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permeable paving school tree surround

Practical Solutions with StoneSet for commercial paving

A commercial facility with a professionally designed outdoor area creates confidence in the company’s customers. Tastefully designed hardscaping features added to the establishment’s exterior can improve the business presence. Not only does it increase the aesthetic appeal, but it serves a practical purpose for using the property.

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StoneSet for Your Clients with Damaged Yards

How does a homeowner know when it’s time to update the landscaping around their home? As a professional landscaper, you have a responsibility for educating your clients on the best management practices, design concepts and practical solutions for the exterior area surrounding their homes.Here are a few points you can share with your customers that indicate their landscaping is failing:

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Main Benefit of Porous Paving? It’s A Long-Term Investment

Porous paving has been growing in popularity for years now. A pavement with natural drainage holes in it, porous paving reduces (and in many cases eliminates) runoff, allows the water table to remain balanced, and it eliminates the need for additional drainage systems like gutters and overflow channels. However, there is another benefit that comes with investing in porous paving.

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