Month: October 2017

StoneSet Can Add Value To Your green Home!

When you look at your home, do you see little imaginary price tags hanging over certain parts of it? Energy Star appliances, those will add value. Efficient windows, those increase the asking price. Old insulation… hmmm, better redo that before I go on the market. If you’re making home upgrades with an eye on a return on your investment, there is something else you should consider.

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Porous Paving Can Help Prevent Soil Erosion

Porous paving has a lot of green credentials, and that’s part of why it’s becoming more common. Since the pavement lacks traditional fillers, there are gaps that allow water to drain naturally, which prevents puddling and other problems on the surface, and helps maintain the water table below the surface. Porous paving can also forego traditional gutters and other drainage accouterments, as well, since the water will be draining through the pavement rather than sliding down slope.

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Commercial Hardscaping: Trendy Green Solution

Hardscaping with StoneSet’s porous paving provides a sustainable green solution to the toughest problems concerning your commercial property and corporate business. Update your commercial property’s car parks, sidewalks, and main entrances with cost-effective and environmentally friendly overlay or porous paving. Made of natural stone and available in 24 natural plus the recycled glass options – StoneSet is perfect for signage, and corporate logos to give your business a fresh look for the future.

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Hardscaping Easy for Community Gardens

Community gardens provide a place for a community’s most talented gardeners to grow fruit and vegetables for the residents of cities, towns, and small remote populations. Community gardens generally rent raised garden beds or larger plots, and sometimes they even rent large containers or small flower pots within the garden for those with various levels of gardening enthusiasm or ability.

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